Proposals: Sales Division

Finding the best solution together with customers

Grasping needs before they are manifested and proposing solutions that are one step ahead of the game

Yushin Precision Equipment has 17 sales offices in Japan and 33 sales offices in 19 countries around the world that are conducting activities to gain the business of customer-companies in all corners of the globe. Our job is to consistently forecast needs before they emerge, therefore everyone in sales is always trying to understand the kind of products customers truly want.

Providing high-quality maintenance services to keep the customer's operations up and running

At busy molding plants, aftersales maintenance and periodic checks and tuning are critically important jobs that keep robots in tip-top shape. In order to make sure that customers stay up and running, Yushin Precision Equipment swiftly and professionally responds to any and every call.

Technological strength: R&D Division

Always thinking from new and untested angles

Focusing creativity on the next generation of product solutions is standard protocol at Yushin.

Young engineers are the mainstay of research and development at Yushin Precision Equipment. They are always looking from new and untested angles in order to develop robots that can perform complicated tasks and that anyone can easily operate. Underlying the process of providing customers with solutions to needs that have yet to emerge is a basic attitude that treats difficulties simply as "problems to be solved" and eagerly welcomes the challenges of inventing new technologies.

Applying for the first time anywhere the latest "design optimization" tools for developing take-out robots

Recent years have seen CAE (Computer Assisted Engineering) being used in aircraft and automobile design, in order to obtain the theoretically best-shaped airplane fuselages and vehicle bodies in terms of weight and dependability. Similarly, Yushin Precision Equipment has teamed up with Kyoto University to research, develop and bring to market take-out robots that are amongst the fastest in the world, by applying this "design optimization" approach.

Quality: Manufacturing Division

Sound quality the entire world understands

Our slogan when it comes to quality is "quality sells itself".

The products coming out of Yushin Precision Equipment are used continuously on production lines for years on end. From the moment they are delivered, they are put to work nonstop. For this very reason, there is no compromising in manufacturing operations at Yushin.

Internationally-compliant quality assurance practices

Yushin Precision Equipment has acquired ISO9001 certification for its system of quality management and assurance from the International Organization for Standardization. This accreditation applies to the entire process that results in take-out robots and peripherals for sale, from development, design, purchasing and manufacturing to installation.

Backup: Administration & Procurement Division

Standing on the shoulders of our human resources and organizational strengths

Developing and strategically deploying human resources is a prevalent corporate mindset.

Respect for people underscores every aspect of manufacturing at Yushin Precision Equipment. People are the force that congeals that corporate foundation and strengthens our organization. At Yushin, there is a group of professionals that keep internal operations running smoothly so that our business activities continue moving ahead.

Procuring high-quality parts and materials is another reason Yushin products are so good.

The products that Yushin Precision Equipment makes have thousands of parts obtained through procurement practices that verify and assure incoming parts and materials are the required high quality. We work with our suppliers to ensure procurement operations always have the best interests of our customers in mind.