Save Environment

Environmental Policy

Our Basic Position

Yushin Precision Equipment "develops and designs", "manufactures" and "sells and services in Japan and abroad" industrial take-out robots and other automatic labor-saving equipment. Moreover, the scope of our manufacturing operations includes electrical and mechanical assembly.
It is our position that all of mankind is responsible for protecting and preserving the global environment, therefore, given the aforementioned nature of our business, we use people- and eco-friendly technologies to ensure that all of our business activities harmoniously coexist with the natural environment.

Basic Policies

Technological development

Develop technologies, products and services of low environmental load and use them to protect the environment.

Environmental protection

Observe all applicable environmental laws and regulations, agreements Yushin is party to and any other requirements. Prevent pollution and harm to the environment by projecting the potential environmental impact of products at every stage of the product lifecycle from development to discard and recovery, and by incorporating technologies for reducing, reusing and recycling materials and energy into our products.

Environmental management systems

Build, implement and continuously improve environmental management systems that engage the entire workforce in the effort to achieve our environmental policies, under technologically and economically attainable environmental targets.


In January 2001, Yushin Precision Equipment acquired ISO14001 certification for its environmental management systems at the company's Head Office Plants and West Japan Regional Sales Office.

All of our activities, products and services are guided by environmental policies crafted to protect the environment of this planet we live on.