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Energy-Saving YC Series Take-out Robot for Injection Molding Machines Earns Japan Machinery Federation's Energy Efficient Machine Award



Yushin Precision Equipment's YC Series of take-out robots for plastic injection molding machines received the Japan Machinery Federation "Energy Efficient Machine" Chairman's Award at a ceremony held at Tokyo's Keidanren Hall on February 8.

Yushin Precision Equipment (YPE) upholds the motto of "Heartful Technology," and is a dedicated supplier of take-out robots for injection molding machines (based in Kyoto, Japan; President Mayumi Kotani; 1.986 billion yen capital).



The JMF's annual Energy Efficient Machine awards recognize superior energy-saving machines that have been developed and commercialized within the past 5 years. Machines eligible for the award are (1) general machinery as well as facilities and systems (especially those that utilize alternative natural resources or non-recycled resources such as industrial waste or methane gas); (2) gauges and control systems that contribute to energy efficiency; and (3) commercial motor vehicles or air conditioners.

Yushin engineers conceived the YC series with design optimization via CAE (computer-aided engineering). Engineers optimized moving components to reduce weight from 133.6kg to 99.5kg, a 25.5% weight reduction that led directly to energy savings: the YC's electrical consumption dropped 26%, from 420W to 312W per cycle. Also, the YC's standard-equipped ECO Vacuum compressed-air economizing tool lowered factory air usage from 19Nl to 4.8Nl per cycle, a 75% reduction. Additionally, engineers improved the YC's vibration damping to nearly eliminate arm-end oscillations and reduce settling time by 72%, thereby shortening overall molding cycles. All these improvements raised the robot's production merits considerably. YC series robots debuted in July of 2011 and have already sold more than 2,000 units.

The YC series development team leader, R&D Mechanical Section Manager Mr. Takayuki Mori, had the following comments:

Yushin has embraced the design optimization method* and the YC series was our first attempt to apply the method to a standard robot line. Our entire company worked together to improve the robot's efficiency (via lighter weight and ECO Vacuum), ROI potential (via higher productivity), and safety (thru predictive maintenance and other features) and earn this award. As a member of Yushin I hope to continue challenging myself to create useful new products for the world.

*Yushin's Design Optimization collaboration with Kyoto University earned the Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers' Technology Award in 2011.



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