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Yushin Releases the New "HST" Series Servo Traverse Take-out Robots



Yushin Precision Equipment announces the new "HST" series of servo-powered traverse-type take-out robots, enhanced for high-speed operation and vibration reduction using the latest design optimization technology. Three models of HST robots go on sale today, April 1st.

Yushin Precision Equipment (YPE) is a dedicated supplier of take-out robots for injection molding machines (based in Kyoto, Japan; President Mayumi Kotani; 1.986 billion yen capital).

The HST series was designed as an all-around upgrade to its predecessor, Yushin's current RAII-a-HA series of robots. The models going on sale on April 1st are sized to fit small and medium sized injection molding machines. The "HST-150" is for small molding machines with clamping forces of 100-220 tons. The "HST-250" complements machines of 180-300 tons. And the "HST-400" accommodates molding machines in the 280-450 ton range. All three models are available in either "S" type (single vertical arm, for molded part take-out only), "D" type (vertical main arm and vertical runner arm), and "DS" type (dual main arms) configurations.


Yushin developed the HST line with proven design optimization* technology for lighter weight and higher speed. Greatly improved vibration prevention and damping speed up the HST's overall cycle times. The HST also comes with a deep list of features equipped as standard.

  1. 1.High Speed
  2. 2.Design optimization trimmed roughly 72.5kg from the HST's moving components. This 25.4% weight reduction resulted in a 9.2% increase in speed without increasing the size of the servo drive.
  3. 3.Applying design optimization not only reduced weight, but succeeded in producing the robot's most logical structure and a suitably high level of rigidity.
  1. 4.Vibration Prevention
  2. 5.Three factors - design optimization, the use of CFRP (carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic) on critical components, and automatic anti-vibration controls - resulted in a 98.6% reduction in settling time compared to RAII-a-HS robots.
  3. Improved vibration-damping properties help ensure smooth take-out and handling of molded parts.
  1. 7.Enhanced Array of Standard Features
  2. 8.Six features which were formerly optional are standard-equipped on the HST.

List prices for the new HST robots are JPY 5,500,000 for the HST-150S, JPY5,900,000 for the HST-250S, and JPY6,400,000 for the HST-400S. Yushin Precision forecasts shipping 200 units of the new model line per year.

Notes: *Design Optimization
Design Optimization is what Yushin calls the practice of applying CAE (Computer-Aided Engineering) to seek the most theoretically optimal form for a robot based on its mechanism and motions. Engineers use this approach to design lighter weight and higher reliability into car parts, aircraft, and other demanding applications.

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