ATC/ATCⅡ:Standard Single-Axis Servo-Driven Take-out Robots


Pneumatic take-out robots built for cost-performance

Built for cost-performance, these take-out robots employ servomotor drive on only the traverse axis, while air cylinder drive systems are adopted for the vertical and kick axis.


  • Applicable for factories with low ceilings

    Low-overall height type available

    The vertical axis is fitted with Double Speed Drive that allows for a lower overall-height, which works great for factories with ceiling height restrictions.

  • Multiple language support

    Up to 2 languages selectable as an option

    Users can select any 2 languages from amongst Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean, Indonesian and Thai.

  • Functionally versatile but easy-to-use operating system

    Functionally versatile but easy-to-use operating system

    Outfitted with the upgraded GIIB Controller

    • Large easy-to-see LCD
    • Icon-based interface (menus)
    • Silicon key tops of enhanced tactile sensation when touched
    • Data storage for up to 30 molds
    • Data backup onto SD card supported

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