CT/CT2:Clamp-End Traverse Take-out Robots


Clamp-end traverse type robot for 3-plate mold that releases molded parts to the movable platen side of the IMM

The CT and CT2 transition the former design concept of take-out robots as tools for replacing line operators to the starting point for automating part take-out. Developed from this new concept, these take-out robots provide users with the impetus to completely change the layout of their entire plant.


  • Space-efficient


    Because the space between molding machines can be narrowed, more machines can be installed.

  • From runner take-out to producttake-out

    From runner take-out to producttake-out

    Additional space is not required to replace an existing runner take-out robot with either the CT or CT2 product take-out robot.

  • Conveyor belt centralization

    Conveyor belt centralization

    Separate conveyor belts are not needed for each molding machine, therefore centralized processing can be used for packaging or inspecting molded parts.

  • Energy-savings [1]

    Energy-savings [1]

    26% less power consumed than by predecessor robots

    Because robot weight reduces by applying Optimum Design approach, lower duty motors are used.

  • Energy-savings [2]

    Energy-savings [2]

    75% less air consumed than by predecessor robots

    Air consumption has been reduced by 75% from predecessor models by incorporating Yushin’s propriety ECO Vacuum circuit as a standard feature.

  • Vibration control

    Vibration control

    72% shorter settling time than predecessor robots

    With the CT and CT2 series, Optimum Design, CFRP and anti-vibration controls combine to shorten settling time (time required for vibrations to fall below a desired level) by 72%, which naturally shortens the full molding cycle.

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