DRDⅢ:Ultra-High-Speed Optical Disc Take-out Robots


World’s fastest optical disc take-out robot – 0.069 sec take-out time


  • Flexibly adaptable to many types of molds

    Double the operating stroke (100 mm) of predecessor models on the kick (horizontal) axis

    Positional adjustments required to switch between thin and thick molds can be done by teaching without having to relocate the take-out robot from its installed position.

  • Oil-free, maintenance-free

    Oil seal adopted for the kick axis guide

    Grease is sealed within parts that require lubrication, therefore parts do not need to be separately greased.

  • AI automatic adjustment support (Take-out timer)

    Automatically adjusted take-out timing

    Any operator can easily and quickly set the optimal take-out timing irrespective of experience.

  • Specially designed lightweight arm

    Made of CFRP

    CFRP ensures the desired rigidity for picking parts, yet its light weight lends itself to ultra-high-speed robot motions.

  • Excellent stopping precision for error-free take-out

    Improved guide mechanism on the kick (horizontal) axis

    Greater rigidity further enhances stability in ultra-high-speed operation.

  • Great contribution to dust-free molding environments

    Highest clean factor amongst take-out robots for picking molded parts

    The DRDIII supports stable high-speed molding in clean applications with a standard design compliant with Class 100 clean factor requirements.

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