HSA:Super-High-Speed Take-out Robots


Why is a several hundred kilogram robot needed to pick a molded part of just a few grams?

To answer this question, Yushin sought an application-specific robot through its Optimum Design approach. Design Optimization is what Yushin calls its use of CAE (Computer—Aided Engineering) to determine the theoretically best configuration of a robot based on its mechanisms and movements, rather than relying solely on designer experience. This approach has been used in recent years to make aircraft and automobiles lighter and more reliable. Curiously enough, we have often been amazed by how closely optimized designs resemble trees and animals in the natural world. Designed to deliver speeds and safety unachievable with predecessor models, we are confident that the HSA series will usher in a new era in take-out robots.


  • Speedy


    Optimum lightweight design for faster speed

    Using our Optimum Design approach, we reduced the total body weight by 13% *1 and verified the world’s fastest take-out time in actual molding, at 0.27 sec. At that speed, take-out cycles are 25% shorter than with predecessor models.

  • Slim


    Optimum design of slimmer EOAT mounting part for reducing mold opening distance

    We used our Optimum Design approach to make the EOAT flip part that enters the mold to grip and pull out products 38% *1 slimmer. This allows decreasing the mold open distance by 41 mm, which translates into shorter molding cycles.

  • Stable


    Vibration control for ensuring positioning accuracy

    Vibration control technology has been applied throughout the robot, including the use of CFRP (Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic) for the take-out arm because of its good vibration-damping property and the application of our Optimum Design approach to the EOAT.

  • Smart


    Easy-to-use, large 10.4-inch full color touch panel

    Designed exclusively for the HSA series, the E-Touch II-K Controller is easily operated by simply touching icons on the screen. As a standard feature, it comes installed with Yushin’s Lead-through Teaching application that allows users to easily add points and timers. Users can also opt for the E-Touch Compact II Controller.

  • Sturdy


    Built to withstand harsh environments

    The controller is protected by guards on both sides. It is also dustproof and waterproof to an IP44 rating *2.

  • Saving


    Air consumption reduced by 75% *1

    HSA robots come with Yushin’s ECO Vacuum ® suction circuit that effectively lowers electricity bills and equipment investment, while, at the same time, protecting the global environment.

    *1 Compared to earlier Yushin products
    *2 E-Touch II-K Controller only


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