LA-SE:High-End Take-out Robots


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For improved productivity

For reliable take-out of very large molded products such as automobile parts, housing equipment parts and other large molded articles from ultra-large molding machines With its high mechanical rigidity, it stably takes out heavy articles.
The LA series come with the easy-to-use E-touch compact controller as a standard feature.
It is a standard take-out robot of great cost-performance.


  • SMART*1 structure

    Swift, powerful action is achieved with lightweight, high-rigidity frames used for the axes. Light products are quickly taken out, and heavier products are handled with enhanced stability. Take-out time is 19% faster than with conventional models.*2

    *1 Abbreviation for “Saving Material with Analysis-based Reinforcement Technology”

    *2 Compared to LA-1318S and YAⅡ-1800S

  • Smart ECO Vacuum

    Smart ECO Vacuum monitors vacuum pressure continuously to optimize suction timing. As a result, robot air consumption can be economized by as much as 78%, which can lead to lower electricity costs for air compressors and reduced capital expenditures.

  • Manual Torque Monitor (Only EC controller)

    Displays a torque gauge for each axis during robot teaching, to show operator how much load the robot bears in motion. This aid allows operators to observe slight fluctuations in torque and fine-tune difficult-to-teach programs, like for insert molding.

  • Take-out Diagnosis Function (Only EC controller)

    The robot automatically monitors vacuum pressure during take-out operations to identify patterns and assist in finding causes of take-out failures.Diagnosis results are displayed on the Take-Out Failure Details screen, where operators can see vacuum pressure values and bad take-out patterns that have occurred.

  • Cycle-Up Function (Only EC controller)

    This feature displays required times per robot operation in a step-by-step list. This aid helps operators identify and target areas of the sequence to achieve shorter overall cycle times and raise productivity.

Compatible controllers

No confusion― Safe and reliable operation

Two types for each model of controllers to meet your needs

E-touchⅡ (E2)
E-touch compact-3 (EC)

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