LA:High-End Take-out Robots


Optimization for customers
For improved productivity

For reliable take-out of very large molded products such as automobile parts, housing equipment parts and other large molded articles from ultra-large molding machines With its high mechanical rigidity, it stably takes out heavy articles.
The LA series come with the easy-to-use E-touch compact controller as a standard feature.
It is a standard take-out robot of great cost-performance.


  • SMART*1 structure

    Swift, powerful action is achieved with lightweight, high-rigidity frames used for the axes. Light products are quickly taken out, and heavier products are handled with enhanced stability. Take-out time is 19% faster than with conventional models. *2
    *1 Abbreviation for “Saving Material with Analysis-based Reinforcement Technology”
    *2 Compared to LA-1318S and YAⅡ-1800S

  • No confusion― Safe and reliable operation

    Two types of controllers to meet your needs

    E-touch compact-YC

  • Wide range of optional products for a variety of needs

    For customers with large molding machines that turn out small products, swift movements can improve productivity. For customers dealing with products of various sizes, our heavy end-of-arm tool (EOAT) can provide stable operation. Improve your productivity by selecting the specifications that best suit your needs.

Compatible controllers

Series products