miniHOP:Ultra-Compact Swing-Type Runner Take-out Robots


Developed for ultra-small molding machines, miniHOP-G 300

In order to work with the smallest class of injection molding machines made by various manufacturers, the miniHOP-G 300 is, despite its small size, designed and built with high performance in mind e.g., high-speed stability, maintenance-free operation and more.


  • Specialized for taking out runners from small molding machines

    Applicable to IMMs with clamping forces of 30 tf and below

    This compact robot is designed specifically for small class molding machines.

  • Adjustable grip waiting position

    Grip waiting position settable anywhere on the vertical and kick axes

    The grip waiting position can be set anywhere within a 65 mm range of the vertical axis and anywhere between 30 – 205 mm from the stationary mold mounting surface for the kick return direction.

  • Standard operating system

    Standard operating system

    Equipped with a compact G Controller

    • Easy-to-operate by LCD
    • Lightweight body
    • Data storage for up to 15 molds
    • Internally stored production management data, e.g., take-out count, defect info, etc.

  • Multiple language support

    3 language support available as an option

    Any of the below language sets can be selected.
    [1] Japanese, English, Chinese
    [2] Japanese, English, Korean
    [3] Japanese, English, Thai

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