RBⅡ:High-End Take-out Robots


Stable take-out of ultra-large molded articles

The RBII automates operations for taking out automotive parts, housing equipment parts and other large molded articles from ultra-large molding machines. Thanks to its good mechanical rigidity, it stably takes out heavy products from molds without missing a beat. Moreover, as a standard feature, the RBII comes with the easy-to-use E-Touch II Controller whose user-friendly interface and Lead Though Teaching application facilitate operator control over the robot’s functional versatility.


  • Improved rigidity

    Structurally built for high rigidity and high precision

    Stable take-out gives users the means for producing high value-added products.

  • Capable of taking-out ultra-large molded articles

    100 kg max. payload

    The RBII-3000S can handle payloads of up to 100 kg (including the end-of-arm tool) and stably take out ultra-large molded articles.

  • Easy-to-access and use control functions

    Equipped with the E-Touch II Controller

    Included as a standard feature, the E-Touch II Controller makes it easy to control and operate robots by way of a touch panel, audio guidance and operation flowcharts.

  • Longer uptimes thanks to high-level functionality

    Built-in predictive maintenance and troubleshooting support

    A predictive maintenance system assists users in scheduling regular maintenance, which effectively minimizes the likelihood of unexpected troubles that require sudden servicing. In any case, if an error occurs, troubleshooting data that makes it easier to pinpoint the cause is logged.

  • Centralized manual lubrication system (Standard feature)

Compatible controllers

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