RC-DW-SE:Double Wing Type Take-out Robots, Supporting Downstream Equipment


One unit, multiple roles for greater capabilities

Saving space with a composite system that performs insertion, inspection, and more.Increase the production efficiency of your molding operation while lowering overall system implemention cost.


  • Innovative Dual Design for Complex Systems

    Equipped with 2 units (take-out and handling), one double wing type performs the work of 2 standard robots.

    Operators control both units with a single controller, greatly simplifying set-ups. Complex operations can be programmed easily with basic teaching.

  • Running Cost Reduction

    Compressed Air Economizing Tool Smart ECO Vacuum

    Smart ECO Vacuum monitors vacuum pressure continuously to optimize suction timing. As a result, robot air consumption can be economized by as much as 78%, which can lead to lower electricity costs for air compressors and reduced capital expenditures.

  • Saves Space

    A single double wing type covers the duties of 2 conventional robots

    Saving precious floor space around your molding machines.

  • Applicable to a wide variety of complex automated systems

    2 separately controlled arm units

    Double Wing Type Robots can be used with a wide variety of complex systems, e.g., insert molding and image inspection, gate cutting, assembly, molded part inspection, etc.

Compatible controllers

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