RC/RCⅡ:High-End Take-out Robots


Wide variations that deliver “speed”, “reliability” and “savings”

The RC and RCII were developed as high-end take-out robots on the basic concepts of “speed”, “reliability” and “savings”. Both come with the functionally versatile E-Touch II Controller as a standard feature.


  • High speed

    Higher capacity motors on the vertical and kick axes

    Take-out time is 13% shorter than on predecessor models, which helps users to improve their productivity.

  • Reliability

    Increased body rigidity and end-of-arm vibration control

    Molded parts are properly taken out and released without the positional deviation, which leads to longer uptimes.

  • Savings

    ECO Vacuum® as a standard feature

    ECO Vacuum® greatly reduces air consumption in parts taking out, which translates into lower electricity bills and running costs.

  • Easy-to-access and use control functions

    Equipped with the E-Touch II Controller

    Included as a standard feature, the E-Touch Controller makes it easy to control and operate robots by way of a touch panel, audio guidance and operation flowcharts.

  • Longer uptimes thanks to high-level functionality

    Built-in predictive maintenance and troubleshooting support

    A predictive maintenance system assists users in scheduling regular maintenance, which effectively minimizes the likelihood of unexpected troubles that require sudden servicing. In any case, if an error occurs, troubleshooting data that makes it easier to pinpoint the cause is logged.

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