SD/SD2:Economy Take-out Robots


Exploit advanced technologies of high end FRA series

Provides SD series with various technologies for vibration control,high-speed, and energy-saving
SD-H High grade
SD-G Standard



    3D-Design Optimization

    Applied 3D-Design Optimization used in FRA series, the high end models of Yushin, to parts of the take-out robots. This yielded a lightweight, highly-rigid body, which allows higher cycle.


    Cleanroom Specification Option Suitable for Production of Medical Products and Food Packages (model-specific option)

    This options package equips the robot with cleanroom-ready components to keep dust and debris to minimum levels. The cleanroom-spec SD achieves an ISO Class6 level cleanliness (as measured in company trials, by ISO 14644-1 standards).This allows the SD to operate in cleanrooms for the medical and food industries.
    * Periodic maintenance is necessary to maintain cleanroom class compliance.

  • IoT

    Product Information Output

    Product information or an error status displayed on the production monitor can be output to an external device via Ethernet communication. Product information such as a planned production volume, a discharged product count, a released good product count, a take-out failure count, and take-out time is output for each molding cycle. If an error occurs, the date and time when the error occurred, an error number, and description of the error are output.(SD-H)


    Release Side Slow Down

    Allows the take-out robot to make a smooth descent by setting/limiting the speed of the release motion in three levels (slow/medium/fast). Since this reduces vibrations during product release, damages or deformation of molded products are prevented, which leads to less defective products. Breakage caused by interference with equipment can also be prevented.(SD-H)

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