SVR-C50:Take-out Robot for Vertical Molding Machine


High-speed robot for inserting workpice and taking-out molded part operations alongside vertical molding machines

With servomotors driving all (vertical and traverse) axis, both molded part taking-out and insert placing operations for vertical molding machines are fast and precise. Moreover, the compact design takes up less space.


  • Compact and space-saving

    Double Speed Drive on the traverse axis

    The arm incorporates Double Speed Drive that telescopically slides the arm in two stages . It additionally keeps the arm retracted while the robot is in waiting status, making the robot compact and space-saving as a whole.

  • High precision

    Highly rigid structure

    As a pretext to insert molding where precision accuracy is a must, both the robot body and arm feature a highly rigid design and construction.

  • Shorter mold open times

    Thin arm

    The SVR-C50 employs a thin arm that gets inside molds through tighter openings. The tighter opening means that molds stay open for less time, which translates into shorter molding cycles.

  • Shorter molding cycles

    High-speed operation

    The full dry cycle * required to insert a workpiece or take out molded parts is a fast 1.53 sec.
    * Yushin has internal standards for the strokes and timers (wait time at each position) that dry cycle calculations are based on.

  • Triple job support from 2 types

    Triple job support from 2 types

    Applicable for insert molding, molded part take-out and runner take-out

    Good rigidity and high-speed operation enable use in high-precision, high-cycling molding.

    [1] Insert system type
    Applicable to insert molding and molded part take-out
    Applicable IMMs with clamping force: up to 50 ft (Support up to 150 ft in molded part take-out)

    [2] Runner take-out type
    Applicable to high-speed runner take-out
    Applicable IMMs with clamping force: up to 50 ft

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