SX-41:High-Speed Side-Entry Take-out Robots for Micromolding


A high-cycle model ideal for fine precision molding in cleanrooms

The robot is also suitable for dust-free products, as well as stable, high-speed extraction in low-ceiling facilities and cleanrooms thanks to the side-entry configuration.


  • Improved productivity

    Achieved the super high takeout speed of 0.32 seconds

    Achieved the super high takeout speed of 0.32 seconds with our uniquely-shaped lightweight aluminum frame and high power motor.
    *Dry cycle time as per our requirements.

  • Conforms with clean specification standards

    Conforms with ISO Class 6

    Our measurement result in accordance with ISO 14644-1.
    Regular maintenance is required to maintain the cleanliness level.

  • Conforms with international safety standards

    Conforms with CE specifications

    Improved safety and maintenance performance.

    Molding machine interface:

    Safety category:
    PL= d

    Conforming standards:
    EN ISO 12100
    EN 60204
    EN ISO 10218

Compatible controllers

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