SXC-HSY/SXC-HS/SXC:Super-High-Speed Side-Entry Take-out Robots for Micromolding


Perfectly suited side-entry robots for super-fast, high-precision molding of small parts

The SXC-10II and 40II are side-entry take-out robots that play a critical role in stabilizing the quality of precision molded parts. Thanks to Optimum Design and advanced vibration control features, they greatly reduce settling time (time required for vibrations to fall below a desired level), which gives users an avenue for shortening molding cycles.


  • 3 operating speeds to choose from

    3 operating speeds to choose from

    Lineup of normal, high and super-high speeds

    The normal speed type is all one needs to take out typical small precision-molded parts, but if molding has to be done at a faster cycle, there is the HS high-speed type. And, if production calls for even greater speeds and precision, Yushin offers the HSY super-high-speed type.

  • Shorter cycle times

    Shorter cycle times

    Greatly shortened settling time by vibration control technologies

    Less time is lost waiting for vibrations to attenuate to levels that do not threaten molded part quality, so users can program production with shorter molding cycles.

  • Steady and stable take-out

    Steady and stable take-out

    Dramatically reduced vibrations in take-out motion by vibration control technologies

    Even at fast speeds, movements required to take out, transfer and release parts are smooth on a level highly suited for micromolding.

  • Considerations for mold maintenance

    Considerations for mold maintenance

    Unit sliding mechanism

    Robots incorporate a sliding mechanism that enables them to be easily withdrawn from molding machine so that maintenance can be performed without cumbersome obstructions.

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