TSXA:Super-High-Speed Side-Entry Take-out Robots


The TXSA is a new type of side-entry robot, developed to achieve the world’s fastest cycle time.

Optimum Design is what Yushin calls its use of CAE (Computer—Aided Engineering) to determine the theoretically best configuration of a robot based on its mechanisms and movements. This approach has been used in recent years to make aircraft and automobiles lighter and more reliable. Curiously enough, we have often been amazed how closely optimized designs resemble trees and animals in the natural world.


  • High speed

    High speed

    A body structure optimized to achieve the world’s fastest cycle time

    Dual synchronized motors deliver the acceleration needed for the jump to high cycling. Resultantly, take-out time is just 0.21 sec *1, 25% shorter than our predecessor SX-21-HS.

    *1 Dry cycle time based on Yushin’s measurement conditions

  • Long travel stroke

    Long travel stroke

    Novel mechanical design that fits a variety of production floor layouts

    A revolutionary design shatters the limitations of conventional side-entry robots. Users can freely choose the travel range along the traverse axis between 1,500 – 4,000 mm (tops in the industry).

  • Low ceiling

    Low overall-height in addition to the side-entry merits in cleanroom applications

    Without any moving parts over the mold, side-entry robots are optimally suited for cleanroom molding. While inheriting this merit, the TSXA adds a low overall-height design that is about 60% shorter in height from the mounting base than its predecessor SX-21-HS.

  • Slim

    Thin EOAT optimally designed for tighter mold openings

    The EOAT that enters the mold has been optimally designed with a thinner profile, all the while maintaining the rigidity needed for molded part taking-out. This thinner profile allows for reduced mold open distance, which translates into shorter molding cycles.

  • High-end controller

    High-end controller

    Easy-to-use, high-performance controller with sturdy design

    Incorporating a large 10.4-inch full color touch panel, the E-Touch II-K Controller *2 is easily operated by just touching icons. Moreover, it is dustproof and waterproof to an IP44 rating *3.

    *2 Smaller E-touch compact Ⅱ also available.
    *3 Rating applies to E-touch Ⅱ-K only.

  • Integrated control

    Integrated control over hand-off station and other downstream equipment

    Hand-off station (option) can also be controlled from the TSXA controller. This helps to reduce equipment costs and shorten teaching times.

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