YAⅡ:Standard Take-out Robots


Stable take-out of ultra-large molded articles

The YAII is a standard take-out robot of great cost-performance that automates operations for taking out automotive parts, housing equipment parts and other large molded articles from ultra-large molding machines. Thanks to its good mechanical rigidity, it stably takes out heavy articles from molds without missing a beat. Moreover, as a standard feature, the YAII comes with the easy-to-use E-Touch Controller.


  • Hermetically sealed cable carriers that reduces dust buildup

  • Designed with a low overall-height

    As considerations for use in factories with low ceilings, the YAII reduces the protruding dimension of the cable carrier in the upward direction in addition to incorporating Double Speed Drive on the vertical axis.

  • Centralized manual lubrication system (Standard feature)

  • Improved rigidity

    A new highly rigid, high precision frame gives users the means for producing high value-added products .

  • Capable of taking-out ultra-large molded articles

    100 kg max. payload

    The YAII-3000S can handle payloads of up to 100 kg (including the end-of-arm tool) and stably take out ultra-large molded articles.

Compatible controllers

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