YD/YD2:Standard Take-out Robots


Enhanced design for higher productivity, less downtime, and lighter environmental footprint.


  • Productivity Enhancements

    46% Better Flexural Rigidity Than Previous Model, and 13% Reduction in Vibration Amplitude

    YD series robots utilize parts constructed of CFRPv3(*) and gained 46% improvement in flexural rigidity as well as a 13% reduction in single-arm vibration amplitude, compared to previous models. Stable operation with less vibration helps raise productivity by preventing scratches or damage to products during take-out, and reducing the occurrence of take-out failures.
    (*): Third generation Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer that outperforms the CFRP used in previous YC series robots.

  • Teaching Enhancements

    Manual Torque Monitor

    Displays a torque gauge for each axis during robot teaching, to show operator how much load the robot bears in motion. This aid allows operators to observe slight fluctuations in torque and fine-tune difficult-to-teach programs, like for insert molding.

  • Downtime-Preventing Enhancements1

    Take-out Diagnosis Function

    The robot automatically monitors vacuum pressure during take-out operations to identify patterns and assist in finding causes of take-out failures.Diagnosis results are displayed on the Take-Out Failure Details screen, where operators can see vacuum pressure values and bad take-out patterns that have occurred.

  • Downtime-Preventing Enhancements2

    Torque Monitoring during Manual Operation

    This system monitors how much load the robot bears during teaching in order to prevent damage caused by operator error. The detection level can be set with three adjustable stages. If the level is exceeded, the robot will display a warning screen and sound an alarm buzzer to alert the operator and prevent damage to the robot or other machinery. The robot is also equipped with a safety torque monitor during automatic operation.

  • Environmentally Conscious Enhancements

    Compressed Air Economizer Tool Smart ECO Vacuum

    Smart ECO Vacuum monitors vacuum pressure continuously to optimize suction timing. As a result, robot air consumption can be economized by as much as 78%, which can lead to lower electricity costs for air compressors and reduced capital expenditures.

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