President Message

Our company was founded in 1973 to design and manufacture automatic machinery, and five years later in 1978, our first "take-out robot for plastic products" was released into the world. Ever since, we have grown and developed alongside the world of plastics.

Our company's founder, with his background in engineering, would say that "The impossible is the starting point for innovation." and without being restricted by the rationalities of the industry, we were able to push the limits of new technologies to meet the needs of our customers. Now in the world manufacturing scene, an increase in automation is being considered to counteract labor shortages and curb the spread of infectious disease. And amongst the global push for environmental protection, it seems that a focus on energy conservation has become more important than ever. We eagerly take on the challenge to continue developing new technologies that raise occupational safety and productivity while supporting energy-saving manufacturing. Furthermore, it is our goal to bolster global society for many years to come through the constant creation of new value.

Please continue to support our company. And thank you.

Representative Director and President
Takayo Kotani

Business philosophy

Our business philosophy at Yushin Precision Equipment is based on respect for people. It tells us to:

  • Act fairly and judiciously with all of our "strength, wisdom and courage" in order to earn the trust of our customers and shareholders.
  • Look outward far and wide, constantly seek technological innovation and give back to society for all it has given us.
  • Work cooperatively with our stakeholders in order for us to grow as a company and make the world a better place both physically and spiritually.