Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Yushin Precision Equipment Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "Yushin", “we”, “us” or “our”) is strongly aware of the importance of the protection of personal information and will appropriately obtain, manage and use personal information in accordance with the following policies in compliance with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information (Personal Information Protection Law) and related laws and guidelines in Japan.

1 Use of personal information

Following lists show the purpose of use of personal information we collect.

Personal information of customers

  • (1) Shipping and installing the products
  • (2) Repair, inspection, and other after-sales service of the products
  • (3) Issuing invoices of the products.
  • (4) Planning and development of the products and services
  • (5) Responding to the requests from customers (requests for documents, product introductions, visits, consultations)
  • (6) Notifying product and service information tailored for customers. The information is generated by analyzing buying history.
  • (7) Notifying event and campaign information
  • (8) Prize promotion and shipment of the prize
  • (9) Responding to inquiries
  • (10) Booking our factory tour and its history management
  • (11) Exercising of rights and fulfillment of obligations under contracts with customers and laws
  • (12) Purpose specified when obtaining personal information of customers
  • (13) To provide our subcontractors to the extent necessary to respond to customers
  • (14) Operations associated with the items above

Personal information of our business partners

  • (1) Business contacts with the partners
  • (2) Notification of business negotiations and discussions with the partners
  • (3) Fulfillment of contracts with the partners
  • (4) Entry and exit control and history control at facilities managed by us
  • (5) Implementation of services entrusted by the partners
  • (6) Operations associated with the items above

Personal information of shareholders

  • (1) Exercising of rights and performance of obligations under laws and regulations
  • (2) Shareholder management based on laws and regulations (preparation of shareholder data, etc.)
  • (3) Accommodating shareholders
  • (4) Communications with shareholders
  • (5) Provision to security agencies within the scope necessary for the handling of share-related affairs
  • (6) Operations associated with the items above

Personal information of recruitment applicants, employees, and retirees

  • (1) Recruitment
  • (2) Employment, labor management, and health management
  • (3) Communication and management
  • (4) Facility and equipment management
  • (5) Operations for welfare
  • (6) Publicity material
  • (7) Communication with retirees
  • (8) Operations associated with the items above

Purpose of use when obtaining personal information by the following methods

Method of Acquisition Purpose of Use
Security cameras
  • Crime prevention and safety management at our business sites
Online conferencing system
  • Records of meetings held within Yushin and with business partners.
  • Records of online events, seminars, etc.
  • Publicity material

2 Security Control Measures

We take the following measures to prevent leakage, loss, or damage of personal information and to properly manage personal data.

Formulation of basic policies

  • This basic policy has been established to ensure proper handling of personal information and to notify the contact point for questions and complaint handling.

Development of disciplines for handling personal data

  • In order to properly handle personal information and respond to matters stipulated by laws and regulations and guidelines, we have established this privacy policy, as well as internal regulations concerning the acquisition, use, storage, provision, deletion, and disposal of personal information.

Organizational safety management measures

  • Our general affairs department manager is responsible for safety management measures and confirms that personal information is handled in accordance with internal regulations.

Human security management measures

  • Matters concerning the confidentiality of personal information are described in the personal information handling regulations.

Physical safety management measures

  • Measures are taken to prevent employees other than those who can handle personal information from entering the personal information control area.
  • In areas where personal information is handled, measures are taken to prevent people other than employees from viewing personal information.
  • We set up seals and passwords for media containing personal information and take measures to prevent loss or theft.

Technical safety management measures

  • Access control is implemented to limit the scope of the person in charge and personal information to be handled.
  • We have introduced a mechanism to protect information systems that handle personal information from unauthorized access from outside sources or from unauthorized software.
  • Measures are taken to prevent the leakage of personal information, and are operated appropriately.

3 Provision of personal information to a third party

We will not provide personal information to any third party without obtaining the consent of the individual, except as permitted by law.

4 Entrustment

We may entrust part or all of our business to a third party in order to carry out our business smoothly. In this case, we will conduct necessary and appropriate supervision of the trustee in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Law.

5 Provision to a third party in a foreign country

When providing personal data to a third party in a foreign country, we shall, in principle, provide information that will be helpful in accordance with the rules of the personal information protection committee and obtain the prior consent of the person. In addition, in the event Yushin outsources business to a third party in a foreign country and the obligation to prepare records arises under laws and regulations, Yushin shall comply with such obligation.

6 Shared use of private information

We will share customers’ personal information as follows:

1. Items of personal data to be used jointly

  • Name, face image, address, telephone number, mail address, date of birth, etc.
  • Purchase history and service history of our products

2. Range of joint users

Yushin and its subsidiaries and distributors(URL)

3. Purpose of use

4. Persons responsible for the management of personal data to be shared

Yushin Precision Equipment Co., LTD.
Address : 555 Kuzetonoshiro-cho, Minami-ku Kyoto, JAPAN 601-8205
Kota Oda(General Manager of General Affairs Dep.)

7 Request for Disclosure of Retained Personal Data, etc.

We will respond to requests for personal data we retain from the individual concerned or his or her representative without delay in accordance with our prescribed procedures, except for the following cases: In the event Yushin does not disclose or there is no such retained personal data, Yushin shall reply to that effect.

  • Cases in which disclosure is likely to harm the life, body, property, or other rights or interests of the person or a third party
  • Cases in which the proper execution of our business is likely to be seriously hindered.
  • In the event of a violation of laws and regulations

In addition, we will respond to requests for correction, addition, or deletion of such retained personal data, or requests for suspension of use, deletion, or discontinuation of provision to a third party from the principal or his or her agent in accordance with our prescribed procedures.

The contact information described above shall be referred to as "8 Consultations and inquiries regarding personal information."

8 Consultations and inquiries regarding personal information

For inquiries regarding the handling of personal data, you can contact us:

Yushin Precision Equipment Co., LTD.
555 Kuzetonoshiro-cho, Minami-ku Kyoto, JAPAN 601-8205
Personal information protection consultation desk, General Affairs Department
Tel: 075-933-9555
9:30 to 12:00 and 13:00 to 17:00 Monday through Friday
(excluding national holidays and year-end and New Year holidays)

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April 1, 2022
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