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Yushin Opens New Technical Center to Expand Business and Production



Today Yushin Precision Equipment opened a new Technical Center about eight minute's walk northeast of their Kyoto, Japan headquarters. The facility, newly built on a 10,850m2 lot, was conceived as a manufacturing center for Yushin's enterprises in new high-tech markets and begins operations on April 1, 2013.

Yushin Precision Equipment (YPE) upholds the motto of "Heartful Technology," and is a dedicated supplier of take-out robots for injection molding machines (based in Kyoto, Japan; President Mayumi Kotani; 1.986 billion yen capital).

Yushin built the new Technical Center to strengthen production capabilities for the semiconductor and medical fields. Yushin purchased land for the facility in July 2011, and construction of the four-floor, 9,577m2 facility began in August 2012. Yushin invested approximately 1.1 billion yen to construct the new location.

The technical center's primary purpose is to house Yushin's production of semiconductor-related equipment and specialized automation for medical applications. Yushin's annual net sales target for products in these new fields is 5 billion yen by the fiscal year ending March 2016. Through this and other measures around the world, Yushin is dedicated to building an organization that reacts quickly to emerging market demands with ever higher quality products.

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