HOP Five:Standard Swing Type Runner Take-out Robots


HOP Five series of swing type runner take-out robots

Swing type runner take-out robots have evolved alongside Yushin’s history as a business. HOP Five models house the power supply and control panel in the robot body, instead of using standalone units of the past, and yet they require less installation space. Moreover, these robots are built so that principle adjustments like kick stroke can be made at the operator side of the molding machine, which makes production setup more efficient.


  • Functionally loaded compact body

    Everything except the controller is incorporated into the robot body.

    The robots are easy to install, as there are no troublesome external units or harnesses to worry about.

  • Stable high-speed operation

    Robot structure supporting its motion

    HOP Five robots employ a highly rigid base and air cylinders for high-speed operation. Also, a high-speed vertical axis is available as an option.

  • Functionally versatile but easy-to-use operating system (GII series)

    Functionally versatile but easy-to-use operating system (GII series)

    Outfitted with the upgraded GIIB Controller

    • Large easy-to-see LCD
    • Icon-based interface (menus)
    • Silicon key tops of enhanced tactile sensation when touched
    • Data storage for up to 30 molds
    • Data backup onto SD card supported

  • An operating system focused on simplicity (CH series)

    An operating system focused on simplicity (CH series)

    Equipped with the CH Controller

    • 2-line LCD
    • Data storage for up to 15 molds

  • Multilingual Display

    Multiple language selection

    Controller display is multilingual. Users may select from several languages. Please inquire with your local Yushin sales representative for details.

  • Operator-friendly design

    Designed with curved edges and faces

    The blue and white body and piping are readily discernable by operators.

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