TWINHOP:Swing Type Take-out Robots


Swing type robot for serving 3-plate mold

This swing type robot comes with both the main and sub arms. As part of the standard configuration, the TWINHOP has a EOAT flip mechanism, vacuum circuit and flexible EOAT with 4 vacuum cups, making it applicable for vacuum-picking of molded parts.


  • Applicable to 3-plate mold

    With both the main and sub arms, the robot takes out small molded parts and runners at the same time.

  • Vacuum EOAT mounting possible

    A compact vacuum EOAT can be mounted on the main arm in order to take out parts by vacuum suction.

  • Multilingual Display

    3 language support available as an option

    Controller display is multilingual. Users may select from several languages. Please inquire with your local Yushin sales representative for details.

  • Standard operating system

    Standard operating system

    Equipped with a compact CH-type controller

    • Easy-to-operate by LCD
    • Lightweight body
    • Data storage for up to 15 molds
    • Internally stored production management data, e.g., take-out count, defect info, etc.

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