RC-SE/RC2-SE:High-End Take-out Robots


Wide variations that deliver “high-speed,high-rigidity”, “downtime reduction” and “running cost reduction”.

The RC-SE and RC2-SE were developed as high-end take-out robots on the basic concepts of “high-speed,high-rigidity”, “downtime reduction” and “running cost reduction”. Both come with the functionally versatile E-Touch II Controller as a standard feature.


  • “High-speed, High-rigidity”

    Improved productivity, faster, and more accurate high-speed take-out with standard machines.

    High-rigidity vertical and kick units ensure fast, accurate operations.

  • “Downtime Reduction”

    Predictive Maintenance

    Torque Monitor
    The torque monitor is useful for checking the axial motor torque during operation. Using regular backups makes it possible to check for signs of failure or wear in drive system components.

  • “Running Cost Reduction”

    Compressed Air Economizing Tool Smart ECO Vacuum

    Smart ECO Vacuum monitors vacuum pressure continuously to optimize suction timing. As a result, robot air consumption can be economized by as much as 78%, which can lead to lower electricity costs for air compressors and reduced capital expenditures.

  • Easy-to-access and use control functions

    Equipped with the E-Touch II Controller

    Included as a standard feature, the E-Touch Controller makes it easy to control and operate robots by way of a touch panel, audio guidance and operation flowcharts.

Compatible controllers

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