SXB:Side-Entry Take-out Robots


Low overall-height side-entry robots for clean environments

The high-speed SXB side-entry robots work with IMMs of clamping forces of 180 - 450 tf and 450 - 850 tf. And, with no moving parts over the mold area, they are perfect for cleanrooms where dust-sensitive parts are molded. Moreover, the low overall-height is better suited for factories with low ceilings than horizontal traverse type robots.


  • Stable high-speed take-out

    High-powered motors on all axes

    High-powered motors are employed on the traverse, kick and vertical axes. The smoother acceleration, deceleration and high-speed operation earned therefrom leads to enhanced productivity.

  • Gentle part releasing

    NC vertical axis

    Whereas predecessor side-entry robots offer NC on just the traverse and kick axes, SXB robots add NC servo-drive to the vertical axis as well, to ensure products are gently released.

  • Applicable to large molding machines

    Unique large molding machine compatible robot amongst side-entry take-out robots

    SXB robots are designed and built to support clean booths and low-ceiling factories that produce large molded articles.

  • Models available for 3-plate mold

    SXB-300 series

    In addition to the SXB-30II that is NC 3-axis robot for 2-plate mold, the SXB lineup offers also the SXB-300V that is NC 5-axis robot for 3-plate mold.

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