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V-HOP/V-HOP-II:Sprue Picker for Vertical Molding Machines


V for “Vertical”- Runner take-out robots for vertical molding machine

As the model code suggests, this runner take-out robot is designed and built specifically for serving vertical molding machines. It supports rotational movement, so the runner release position can be freely set anywhere. Moreover, the take-out mode can be switched between the top and bottom halves of the mold from the controller.


  • New space-saving model

    New space-saving model

    V-HOP-II with 2-stage telescopic arm

    The arm incorporates a two stage sliders in the wntry axis that creates space-savings.

  • Freely settable runner release position

    Freely settable runner release position

    Rotational movement (R type)

    This type allows the take-out robot to rotate during release operations. The rotating angle can be set between 60 – 90˚.

  • Take-out from the bottom half of the mold supported

    Switchable take-out mode

    Runners can be taken out from the bottom half of a mold by simply switching the take-out mold from the controller.

  • Smooth release

    180˚ flippable gripper (X type)

    The gripper smoothly releases the runner without any worries of the runner getting caught on objects.

  • Standard operating system

    Standard operating system

    Equipped with a Compact G Controller

    • Easy-to-operate by LCD
    • Lightweight body
    • Data storage for up to 15 molds
    • Internally stored production management data, e.g., take-out count, defect info, etc.

  • Multiple language support

    3 language support available as an option

    Japanese, English and Korean

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