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Stocking systems for optimally automating your stocking needs

Yushin’s broad lineup allows users to choose a stocker that perfectly meets their needs in terms of molded part size and stocking volume. They help automate continuous molding operations that run for extended time and make production floors suffering from manpower shortages operate more efficiently.


  • Distribution line standardization

    All pallet loading and unloading gates on the mold clamping side of molding machine

    Pallet loading and unloading operations flow in the same direction, so users can efficiently organize their factory layouts.

  • Multiple cavity mold support

    Automatic sorting into left/right-hand pallets possible

    In conjunction with a take-out robot with servo-drive on all axes, the system can sort symmetrically opposite part sets (e.g., vehicle side mirrors, tail lamps, etc.) into left/right-hand pallets.

  • Compatible with 1-axis servo-driven take-out robots

    Equipped with an indexing function

    Yushin’s stocking systems incorporate indexing function that works with 1-axis servo-driven take-out robots to palletize molded parts. Moreover, stock position height can be freely set within the product release height range of the robot. (ACS-K5,ACS2-2B)

  • Applicable with vacuum molding trays

    New mechanism incorporated to automatically and assuredly unstacking trays

    For the longest time, it seemed impossible to automate the unstacking of vacuum molding trays because their low rigidity made them hard to separate once engaged, but Yushin’s stocking systems incorporate a new mechanism that automatically and assuredly does this.

  • Lineup of dedicated transfer robots

    Endless possibilities to enhance efficiency

    Yushin’s stocking systems can handle complicated tasks such as changing the direction of products face, standing products upright, and assembling products, as well as divide molded products according to cavity, correct feeding pitch and other transfer operations. Moreover, they offer endless possibilities for enhancing production efficiency by accepting products from other machines, serving as a temporary cooling stage, etc.

  • Yushin pallet

    Broad lineup and lightweight design

    A standardized form of distribution is a very important factor of streamlined molding processes. Available in a broad lineup and being lightweight by design, Yushin has pallets for every kind of molded part.

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