N-HOP:Single-Axis Servo Swing Type Runner Take-out Robots


Runner take-out robot with servo driven kick axis

With swing-type take-out robots, the parameter that is most often adjusted when setting up production is the kick stroke. But, the N-HOP-GII employs an NC servo-driven kick axis, so adjustments can be made safely and assuredly from the controller without touching the molding machine. Moreover, servo control means that runners can be stably taken out at high speed.


  • Servo-driven kick axis

    No adjustments on the molding machine required

    Thanks to NC servo-drive, kick stroke is set and adjusted from the controller and not on the molding machine as was conventionally done.

  • Functionally versatile but easy-to-use operating system

    Outfitted with the upgraded GIIB Controller

    • Large easy-to-see LCD
    • Icon-based interface (menus)
    • Silicon key tops of enhanced tactile sensation when touched
    • Data storage for up to 30 molds
    • Data backup onto SD card supported

  • Multiple language support

    Multiple language support

    3 language support available as an option

    Japanese, English and Chinese

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