YC/YCⅡ:Standard Take-out Robots


Optimum design robots YC/YCII series

Optimally designed through joint research with Kyoto University
Optimum Design is what Yushin calls its use of CAE (Computer—Aided Engineering) to determine the theoretically best configuration of a robot based on its mechanisms and movements. This approach has been used in recent years to make aircraft and automobiles lighter and more reliable. Yushin applied this approach to reduce the weight and control the vibrations of the YC series. As a result, power consumption and settling time have been respectively reduced by 26% and 72%, which puts users in position to improve their productivity.


  • Energy-savings [1]

    Energy-savings [1]

    26% less power consumed than by predecessor robots

    Because robot weight reduces by applying Optimum Design approach, lower duty motors are used.

  • Energy-savings [2]

    Energy-savings [2]

    75% less air consumed than by predecessor robots

    Air consumption has been reduced by 75% from predecessor models by incorporating Yushin’s propriety ECO Vacuum circuit as a standard feature.

  • Vibration control

    Vibration control

    72% shorter settling time than predecessor robots

    With the YC series, Optimum Design, CFRP and anti-vibration controls combine to shorten settling time (time required for vibrations to fall below a desired level) by 72%, which naturally shortens the full molding cycle.

  • Greater convenience

    Greater convenience

    Predictive maintenance system and other new useful features for molding plants

    The E-Touch Compact-YC is an easy-to-operate controller that can be carried in one hand. It incorporates a 7.5-inch full color touch panel of high visibility and a predictive maintenance system that displays warning messages if conditions that can develop into trouble are detected.

  • Winner of the JSME Technology Award

    Winner of the JSME Technology Award

    In 2011, Yushin was honored with the prestigious Technology Award of the Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers (JSME) for “developing high-performance take-out robots for molding machines by structural optimization”.

  • Winner of the JMF President’s Award for Energy Efficiency

    Winner of the JMF President’s Award for Energy Efficiency

    In 2012, Yushin’s YC series of take-out robots for injection molding machine was recognized by the Japan Machinery Federation (JMF) with the JMF President’s Award at their Energy Efficient Machine Awards for the air consumption and weight reductions achieved through Optimum Design.

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